“The Sleep Companion can be a very beneficial tool for patients who have difficulty falling asleep or maintaining a deep restorative sleep. I recommend patients try this program first, before resorting to drug based therapies.”

- Dr. Irina Melnik

“I was having so much trouble sleeping…. and my health was suffering as a result. It only took 2 nights of listening to the CDs to get my sleep patterns back to being healthy and beneficial. Once I became well rested, my health was restored, and my attention to dealing with my challenges was met with a rested, more alert mind. ”

- Katherine Martin San Francisco CA

“I recently reviewed The Sleep Companion. I believe The Sleep Companion program offers a very simple, powerful and cost effective tool for doctors and their patients to reduce or eliminate insomnia and all of its devastating effects. I would recommend that insomnia patients who would like to restore the promise of sleep to try this program.”

- William C. Dement, MD

After having my kids, I got used to waking up in the middle of the night for them, and I found I could not go back to sleep. After listening to The Sleep Companion, I was able to sleep more easily through the night. If I happen to wake up now, I just start listening to the program and fall right back asleep.  I highly recommend The Sleep Companion.”

- Kamael Burch San Francisco CA

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The Sleep Companion is a doctor recommended program which combines powerful mind-body technologies with the seven proven strategies great sleep use. For most of you, all you have to do, is
“Just Listen and Sleep”.